Register Domain Name

This information is provided as a simple guideline to obtaining a domain name. While you can do everything yourself, we recommend that our future clients allow us to do this for them, as it makes everything easier in the long run.


     1) Determine your #1 preference for a name

     2) Think of a couple of back-up names, just in case #1 preference is taken. In addition to the .com extension, there are numerous others, including .net, .org, .
biz, etc.  If you want to check out some alternatives, 

This is the domain check service of Dotster, our primary Registrar. If you intend to become a client of MagNet1, DO NOT REGISTER your domain here. Go directly to step #4

     3) Armed with your list of alternatives, and your thoughts about the preferred
extension, the next step is "who is going to design and host your website?"

     4)  If you want us (MagNet1) to design and host your website, the best thing to do is to ask us to take over the process for you. We will register the domain in your name, with you as the Owner and Administrative Contact. If you want to handle the billing details, you will be listed also as the Billing Contact.

     5) If you want someone else to design and host your website, we recommend that you contact them, and discuss the next steps with them.

     6) If you want to do everything yourself, best wishes and good luck.




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