Website Optimization Associates

Short and sweet. There are many sources for pretty websites,
that are cheap, and nobody knows they exist. Think about your website being
in cyberspace with a billion or so other websites. Your odds of being found
by the people you want to view your website are virtually zero!

Is that OK with you?

If it is OK, then do nothing. Your site will continue on its path to oblivion.

But, if you would prefer that your website gets viewed by existing and potential
customers, stop thinking about how little you can spend, and stop trying
to any entertain visitors to your site. Start thinking of  your website as a business
tool, just as you would think of your telephone, business card, printed literature, etc.

Call today,  whether you have a website or if you are just thinking about getting a website.  We will do what is necessary to make your existing or new website be a productive tool for your business. Look at and click on a few of the banner ads on . We can show you results these businesses and other MagNet1 clients have achieved by  proper design and construction  to achieve success on the Internet.

If you are considering a full SEO approach, including paid advertising on major search engines, we do not offer services at this level. This is an expensive approach which is generally beyond the means of local businesses. Our approach is to make the site correctly, and take advantage of our knowledge of local Internet marketing, to achieve good results in your marketplace as well as in the search engines, all at much more reasonable costs for your business.

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