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If you expected the previous version of, it is and will be located as PAGE 2, with a link to the right. It no longer is the gateway to the business that Norm and I ran since the year 2000. From now on, it is the personal home page for Dan, and it will be a work in progress for months to come.  As some may know, I am writing a book about the life and times of Suzanne and me, for our children and grandchildren. The link also to the right, is BOOK. The link to the Book is temporarily disabled because of some updating and changesI I am working on. Feel free to call me at 281-251-6640, or email me.


It is my intention to get the book back online soon.  We are working on the images also, so it will be ready ASAP. You can get the book for no cost by reading it online, or printing it yourself. If you are interested in a spirial bound and printed copy, let me know and I will price it out. It depends on quantity, but there are about 150 pages with about 20 in color, so I am guessing that it would be about  $15 per book. Best bet is to read it online for free.